ARC Europe Group is the largest supplier of roadside assistance services in Europe with an outstanding network in more than 40 European countries. The Group institutionally consists of ARC Europe SA and its subsidiaries: ARC Europe France, ARC Europe Greece, Starter24-Poland, RAMK-Russia and ARC Europe Group Insurance Brokerage.

Multilingual operators in Europe
Patrol cars & towing trucks
Vehicles under cover

Our network acts as one group for operations, powered by the best-in class automobile clubs and assistance partners.





Group with a unique vision
Shareholders leading their local market
Partners to propose a full European coverage


Acting as one group, powered by the best-in-class automobile clubs and assistance partners and creating value to members, shareholders and partners


Becoming the leading group and industry reference in the B2B mobility services


ARC Europe Group is dedicated to its partners in providing top quality services in the B2B mobility industry. In an era where technology has led to enhanced communication, digitalization and real-time services; We make a stand to constantly innovate our services amidst the changing industry. As a result, ARC Europe Group outlined its new diversification strategy, where the offering of roadside assistance services will evolve into a multi offer of products and services, opening new distribution channels and expanding local and regional coverage into Global presence by forming new alliances and enhancing the capacity of the company into a fully operational centre.


“We commit to our customers and deliver what we promise.”

“We believe in teamwork and we promote excellence.”

“We strive for value creation and innovation.”

“We behave respectfully and with integrity.”

“The small steps we do every day help us to reach tangible results we are striving for. In today’s world, full of continues changes commitment is a pure luxury afforded by the ones who make it obvious in allowing their vision to act and create a success.”
Romeo Bello
Romeo Bello
Commitment Ambassador 2018
“Teamwork is the key to deliver what we promise to our customers. A collaborative Team empowers individual strength, unites and motivates to achieve excellence in the results. The sum of good Teamwork is always greater than the parts!”
Maija Tiusanen
Maija Tiusanen
Teamwork & Excellence Ambassador 2018
“Innovation Is The Only True Way To Create Value. This process of creation is non-linear, even iterative, insights-based, and way-finding, a process of discovery. Innovation is never one event, but a process of discovery, engineering and transformation.”
Megha Tanwar
Megha Tanwar
Value Creation & Innovation Ambassador 2018
“Listening and understanding are key in achieving mutually beneficial external and internal relationships. Honesty must prevail with all our stakeholders.”
Bernard Dubois
Bernard Dubois
Respect & Integrity Ambassador 2018